The State Of Football Silver Helmet Medallion With Leather Vine (Limited Edition)



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The United States Of Football. (Limited Edition)

Summer is fading fast. Schools are back in session. The leaves are beginning to turn. The season is here again! Off season workouts are over. "Two-a-days" are over. Camps have closed. Rosters are set. Jersey numbers have been chosen. Equipment has been issued. Fields have been striped. Schedules have been scrutinized, with special dates circled. Tickets have been secured. The season is here again! From Pee Wee to Bantam Weight, High School to College, Professional to the Almighty Fan Bases...The Season Is Here Again!

In every state in this union, the football rituals are being prepared. Game day "get-togethers" are being planned. Memories of youthful rivalries, victories and defeats will once again be recounted. The optimism and anticipation could not be higher. People come together for their teams. People show pride in the state they play a part in making great. People, instinctively realize that its not just the game, but the life lessons gleaned from participating and supporting those who do. "With many hands the burden is light."

Introducing, The Helmet Medallion Project. A 24 gauge Sterling Silver heirloom helmet (.87"), hand stamped with any football loving state in the union. Carried on a Leather Vine Necklace creating a handcrafted representation of the love you have for your State and the gridiron game of Football. Lightweight and comfortable to wear, this necklace should wear like an old friend as soon as you try it on. Choose your helmet. Stamp your state on it. Join your team. Get in the game!

Note 1: All 50 states  are available. Sample states were presented to show design placement. Also, 2 necklace lengths are available. (18 inches, 24 inches)

Note 2: All work is Made To Order and requires some studio production time.

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The Power Of Silver. 

A vehicle powerful and precious enough to conduct and carry such a harnessed energy is Silver. Silver has the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of ALL metals and can endure high temperature ranges. A strong, high grade heirloom metal that has healing qualities and not toxic to humans. Silver reflects visible light at high rates. Silver can kill algae, bacteria and fungi. Silver, also, helps purify, sanitize and filter water. What better metal could possibly present and amplify your own harnessed personal power? Lightweight and comfortable to wear, silver will remain a faithful friend to those who engage and accept its Power. 


The Power Of Leather.

Durable. Leather will provide protection to whatever it covers and lasts for years. Classic. Leather is always in fashion. Style. Leather is available in a variety of thicknesses, colors and feel. Flexible. Leather shapes to your body over time. Eco-Friendly. Leather is a natural product. Leather resists dust mites and is bio-degradable. Leather is comfortable to wear and works well with metals as a mixed media presentation. 


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