The Octopus Concept Leather Wrist Wrap


Wrist Wrap

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The Power Of Leather.

Durable. Leather will provide protection to whatever it covers and lasts for years. Classic. Leather is always in fashion. Style. Leather is available in a variety of thicknesses, colors and feel. Flexible. Leather shapes to your body over time. Eco-Friendly. Leather is a natural product. Leather resists dust mites and is bio-degradable. Leather is comfortable to wear and works well with metals as a mixed media presentation.

The Octopus Concept. (8 A.R.M.S) 8 Active. Revenue. Management. Streams.

If you look at the head of the octopus, it is the control center. The control center is your mind. Your mind expresses your gift. Your gift is your toolbox. Your toolbox contains your skill sets. Your skill sets manifest as ARMS. Your ARMS represent your potential. Your potential must be developed. Your development must help humanity.  

Materials: Vegetable Tanned Leather. Metal Snaps. Hand Tooled. Hand Dyed and Finished.

Size: Adjustable from 7.5" to 8.5" Length / 1.5" Wide

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