Sign Your Name Copper Fresco With Leather Vine


Copper Fresco

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The Monogram - A cipher composed of several letters.

Using sign language to create a unique expression of adornment that possesses a personal resonance with the sweetest words ever heard. Your name!

Note: Use the "Special Instructions" section on the "Checkout" page to register your monogram letters. Maximum limit (3) letters. 

Note: The monogram necklace represented here, "KAT", is a sample used to show an example of the design and placement.

Size: Premium Copper Fresco (1.125 X 1.375") Necklace: Metallic Bronze Leather Vine. Signed.

Note 1: All work is Made To Order and requires some studio production time.

Note 2: To receive 25% off your entire order, please use the Discount Code: (25OFF) at Checkout. 

The Power Of Copper aka "The Honey Metal." 

Copper is oldest metal ore on the planet. Over 13,000 years old. Copper improves circulation issues and can provide relief for arthritis. Copper is also considered a grounding metal for the body. Copper is extremely durable. It can last a lifetime. Copper is a supreme conductor of electrical current. Copper is lightweight and comfortable to wear. When married with the right concept, copper metal art will stand as an heirloom quality presentation piece to be enjoyed by generations. 

The Power Of Leather.

Durable. Leather will provide protection to whatever it covers and lasts for years. Classic. Leather is always in fashion. Style. Leather is available in a variety of thicknesses, colors and feel. Flexible. Leather shapes to your body over time. Eco-Friendly. Leather is a natural product. Leather resists dust mites and is bio-degradable. Leather is comfortable to wear and works well with metals as a mixed media presentation.  

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