Power Cuff Heirloom (10 Four Letter Words)


Power Cuff

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The Power Cuff Heirloom. What is Power? The ability to act or do. Strength; Influence; Talent; Authority. Product of multiplication. Power is harnessed by impressing your abilities and intentions in an organized and formulated manner upon a vehicle that can display, reaffirm and Amplify that which has been committed and dedicated to. Amplify your... Ability, Blueprint, Desires, Dreams, Economy, Energy, Family, Frequency, Gifts, History, Influence, Individuality, Legacy, Life, LOVE, Plan, Power, Strength, Style, Talent, Vibration and Wisdom. Make the Unseen-Seen to the world! 

The Power Of Silver. A vehicle powerful and precious enough to conduct and carry such a harnessed energy is Silver. Silver has the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of ALL metals and can endure high temperature ranges. A strong, high grade heirloom metal that has healing qualities and not toxic to humans. Silver reflects visible light at high rates. Silver can kill algae, bacteria and fungi. Silver, also, helps purify, sanitize and filter water. What better metal could possibly present and amplify your own harnessed personal power? Lightweight and comfortable to wear, Silver will remain a faithful friend to those who engage and accept its Power.

Concave Concept: The Ten Four Letter Words. KNOW YOUR SELF. FIND YOUR GIFT. GIVE MORE. LIVE MORE. (A Blueprint For A Life Filled With Productive Purpose.)

Convex Concept: The Golden RuleToday, I Will Do Unto Others As I Would Have Others Do Unto Me. 

  • Sterling Silver (16g)
  • 1/2" Width
  • Sizes: 5", 6", 7", 8"
  • Concave/Convex Full Cuff Coverage
  • "Off The Menu" Services available for Custom Cuff Collections. Contact your server at info@ibimetalart.com for possibilities and satisfaction.
  • Signed. 
  • Shown in supplied photographs is a Size 7 and available for immediate delivery. 


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