Moral Compass Copper Rimmed Vessel With Leather Vine



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For the lost moral traveler, it can be challenging to stay on course and navigate the forest floor. Fortunately, there exists a guide, a symbol of direction in the wilderness of life's daily deluge of decisions. A valuable tool that can anchor and keep grounded all who apply the concept. An heirloom representing productive "personal rules" of life and progressive decision making. The Moral Compass. This vessel of copper was created to conduct the flow of the supreme mantra, "Give Love." When faced with your next decision, remember the mantra, lean on the guidance of your Moral Compass and stay on course!

Size: Copper Medallion Rimmed Vessel, tied together with Sterling Silver wire. (1.5") Necklace: (22") Metallic Bronze Leather Vine. Signed. 


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