Kemetic Power Symbols Silver Petite Tablet With Leather Vine


Silver Petite Tablet

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Kemetic Power Symbols. Ancient Kemet has given the world many facets of high culture and advanced civilization. On temple walls and in temple halls, symbols were left to demonstrate the artistic prowess and practical application of man's spiritual connections to nature. Symbols were important in conveying and simplifying complex concepts. The Ankh: A symbol of the eternal life force manifested in different demonstrations (man/woman/child - a divining instrument used for medical diagnosis - spirit/mind/matter) The Eye Of Horus: A symbol of sacrifice, healing, light and protection carried into the afterlife. Representative of the Pineal Gland; The Third Eye. 

Size: Silver Petite Tablet (.575"W x .75"L) Necklace: Metallic Silver Leather Vine (20") Signed. Note: (This dish is a triple threat. It works great as a charm for a necklace, a charm bracelet, a charm ring, lapel pin or brooch.) Think about it!


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