What is hand stamping?
"Hand stamping" or "chasing" metals refers to the ancient craft of creating grooves, channels and indentations into the metal using a steel dye shaft with a design cut into it and a hammer of various weights. The grooves made are permanent and when conveying powerful messages can become heirloom quality works of art.
What are "Open Dishes", and is there a production time associated with those orders?
Dishes on "The Metal Art Buffet" are prepared, curated and offered in a bespoke quantity of "one" and shipped ASAP. "Open Dishes" are dishes that have been selected, marketed and offered to collectors in a controlled quantity production volume. For those dishes, depending on the order volume, there may be a production time associated. When that scenario occurs, don't worry, you will be notified of what the production time will be. And, your dish will emerge hot and fresh from the kitchen then packaged for FREE U.S. delivery.
How often are dishes rotated on the buffet?
The Metal Art Buffet is an active venue of exhibition. Whether it be planned projects or thoughtful reactions to current events, any time is a great time to add to the vibrant tapestry of new ideas. And, as with any proper "Metal Art Buffet" chef, dishes will be closely monitored and refreshed as they are collected. Art amplifies. Art heals. Art testifies. Art reveals.
How is the patina applied to create the contrast in the stamped areas?
I apply a paste wax on the final stage; let it dry to the touch and then remove the excess and finish with a polishing cloth. The wax also adds a layer of luster and protection for your dish. The wax settles, hardens over time and does not fade. A select range of beautiful patina colors are available.
"Off The Menu." Explain it.
The Metal Art Buffet is stocked with 50 dishes at any given time. The influences and niches are vast and deep. However, some may visit the buffet and desire something more personal for themselves or others. At that point, it's appropriate to go "Off The Menu" for satisfaction. Just seek out the Contact page or send an email to info@ibimetalart.com and make your ideas known.
Where can I relay specific information concerning my order?
ANY additional information should be conveyed in the "Special Instructions" section of the "Shopping Cart" page. Please use this area to make notes and give specific information regarding your order. Any other inquiries can be dealt with by using the "Contact" page or email: info@ibimetalart.com
Dish Delivery. How is it handled?
For collectors in the continental U.S., your dishes will be served: FREE, Fast, Safe and Secure. Shipping charges will apply for all international delivery. Tracking information for every package. Insurance coverage for every package. Signature required for every package.
Returns/Refunds. How are they handled?
If by unfortunate chance, you receive a dish and are not completely satisfied with your choice, you have 30 DAYS to send your dish back to the kitchen for a comparable REPLACEMENT or FULL REFUND. Reach out to info@ibimetalart.com to start the process. Your satisfaction is paramount. Shop risk-free!
The Collector's List. Explain it.
The Collector's List is a collective of astute observers of fresh concepts. Those who would like to stay connected to new recipes and flavors can enter an email address to stay abreast. "Collector Codes" are distributed through this list. Plus, a powerful FREE e-book about "10 Four Letter Words" can be obtained by plugging in to the current of "Metal Art" energy.
Wholesale. (Catering) What's possible?
Have your wholesale needs catered to. For those who may own/operate retail establishments and see a dish or two that you KNOW will make a great niche presentation to your audience, feel free to drop a line to info@ibimetalart.com or use the Contact page to send a message and see what's possible.
What can one expect from the "Blog?"
Thank you for that question! The vision for the Blog is a grand one. As with any buffet presentation, there is a LOT of work that goes on behind the curtain. The Blog will provide some of the Thinking, Inspiration and Exercises that go into the Purpose, Process and Product. Stay tuned.
Where can one find dishes on other platforms?
Facebook.(@Images By Irhamek) Instagram.(@irhamek) Pinterest.(@Images By Irhamek) You Tube.(IBI Vision) Linked In.(irhamek) Google+(Images By Irhamek)