I Create, Produce and Distribute Artistically Inspired Ideas and Concepts, Rendered as Utilitarian Heirlooms. CONCEPT - An object conceived by the mind. ARTIST – One who exemplifies the mantra, “Head Strong. Heart Felt. Hand Made.” THE POWER OF ONE CREATION. (ONE OF A KIND. ONE AT A TIME.) The Creative Process and Practice: 1) INSPIRATION. Receiving a beam of light from the source of creative energy. The “Ah ha” moment. The Passion. The Potential. 2) IDEA. The clear mental picture that informs the final vision. The Concept. The Photograph. 3) INDUSTRY. The plan and process of making. The Program. 4) IMAGE. The product of making. The Piece. PEACE....The metaphor between Artist as Chef is a potent one to me. Nourishment is a necessity in life and employing a creative process to accomplish that goal is only natural. Discovering new pathways to create and nourish others is the ultimate win-win. To use the ingredients that nature gives us to create the recipes that lead to dishes that sustain persons, families and nations adds to an ongoing legacy of human renewal. A child watching a parent prepare meals, teaching and learning a lesson and skill will last a lifetime and beyond. The labor of love involved in preparing, providing and presenting consumable ideas should only add to the reverence paid to the endeavor. It's a sacred thing. An ancient process using ancient materials. The "buffet" concept allows me to present a rich, broad ranging set of ideas to a multi-dimensional audience. "Cooking With K-Boogie" is essentially about providing heirloom quality nourishment, made with love and served to a world that requires it. ....EVERYONE IS A COLLECTOR! Why do I collect objects? Why am I attracted to personal treasures that others may find to be trash? Objects hold history; a chronological timeline of events and happenings presented in various material forms to be held and appreciated. The pride of stewardship and preservation of that history compels many to seek out, search for, secure and assemble these unique ensembles. From childhood fascinations to newfound interests of adulthood, people surround themselves with objects that bring them joy, comfort and feelings of nostalgia. Objects tell stories. They carry messages and the lessons of life experiences in the physical realm that can be harnessed, organized, presented and shared. Reverence for these stories adds layers of meaning to the life of the beholder. And that feeling starts the collector down a path of enlightenment and accomplishment on this journey. A treasure trove of hand selected heirlooms is curated to be passed down through generations of new collectors. And too, scarcity of an object adds value to a collection. Possessing rare pieces that elude the grasp of others fuels the desire to continue the quest. We seek what we like. Although people form attractions to such a vast and diverse universe of niche objects, one of the most collected categories is Hand Made Products Of Art. Art that is conceptually unique, utilitarian, fashioned by hand, affordable and attainable, forms the basis for a lifelong collection connection. Collecting Art should permeate our lives. Art should be everywhere around us. We should live in, live with, wear, drive, listen to, look at, look through, prepare food with, eat and drink from, tell time on, light rooms with, play chess on, read from, sit on, sleep on, carry objects in and send messages with, Art! For an Artist, collecting, being surrounded by and synthesizing with objects inform the Art that is then created. Using this creative process as a practice and ritual, taking inspiration and making images, the objects once collected become the NEW collected objects. ONE OF A KIND. ONE AT A TIME. Each piece is created for a collector. And…EVERYONE IS A COLLECTOR! -- K-Boogie


If by chance, you visit the "Metal Art Buffet" and appreciate the offerings, but, would LOVE to have a more personalized dish prepared for your discerning palate....please Contact your server for satisfaction.