OHIO Silver Icon Medallion With Leather Vine



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 OHIO Silver Icon. The OHIO Concept. (Our Humility Inspires Others.) Helping Hand. Heart Felt.  Head Down. Hard Work. Up Early. Lunch Pail. Sun. Rain. Snow. Hail. No Excuses. Never Fail. In The Trenches. Never Bail. Flash and Dash. We Are Not. Fundamentals On The Spot. Start With What You Got. Turn A Little To A Lot. That's What Makes Us Hot. OHIO.

The OHIO Concept. (Original. Handmade. Inspire. Opportunity.) To Put Hands To Work Is To Labor/ Think First About That Work To Master Your Craft, Find Your Voice And Flavor/ And When The Heart Beats In And Plays Its Part/ The Answer Is ART.  Long Live, The OHIO Makers.

Small but powerful, the OHIO Silver Icon represents for a multitude of people an experience of beginnings, endings and lifelong connections. The shape of the state contains the people that make the state great. An understated piece with unique versatility. This piece works great with a necklace, lapel piece, brooch or hat ornament.

Size: Silver Icon (.75") Necklace: Metallic Silver Leather Vine (22")


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