"The Adventures Of Stickman" Book One: Discovery (E-Book)



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The Stickman Project was born in 1998-1999 as a photography class assignment. Fashioned from common twist ties, this seemingly inanimate object, when posed, takes on more lifelike qualities. I dressed him in an aluminum foil vest and placed him on a bathroom faucet and clicked the shutter. (Pentax SLR, B/W film, darkroom developed and printed.) After that initial image was made, I realized this character needed a world of its own. So, I found a doll house/miniature store and started learning how to construct the new world of The Stickman. This new world gave birth to creative ways to teach life lessons from wisdom gained and to offer solutions to those who are willing to engage.

One of those creative endeavors  became "The Adventures Of Stickman" Book One: Discovery. Though slim in stature, it packs a positive punch. The Stickman takes you on a life changing journey of discovery in a few power packed pages. Included with the lesson is, "The Good Word Glossary." A dictionary definition of every positive word used in the story. Plus, a breakdown of the "Ten Four Letter Words" concept. A blueprint to find and develop the foundation of a purpose driven life.

Stickman Discovers His Purpose In Life. The Sweetest Sounds He's Ever Heard. Can It Be, That It Was All So Simple? Summed Up With Ten Four Letter Words... 


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