Start A Vast Empire: The S.A.V.E Concept

Sep 24 , 2018

Save - To preserve; to protect; to rescue; to spare; to keep from doing or suffering. To be economical. -- New Webster's Expanded Dictionary

Empire - Supreme power in governing; sway; region over which dominion is extended. -- New Webster's Expanded Dictionary

Start A Vast Empire! : The S.A.V.E Concept...S.A.V.E Money. S.A.V.E Time. S.A.V.E Earth. S.A.V.E Lives.

(1.) Is it possible to create something from nothing? (2.) Can a future reality be built from today's thinking? (3.) Where do I begin? (4.) How do I gauge my success? (5.) How can I institute a process to establish lifelong growth?


(1.) Is it possible to create something from nothing? Absolutely. Actually, everything we see around us comes from the world of the unseen. That place where inspiration originates. Before it can be seen in reality, it first must be seen in the mind. The mind organizes and structures that inspiration into workable ideas. These ideas are the mental pictures that guide our future movements toward the stated goal. The reality. Whoever holds the idea, holds the power. The power to receive, cultivate ideas and...Start A Vast Empire! ... S.A.V.E Money. S.A.V.E Time. S.A.V.E Earth. S.A.V.E Lives.


(2.Can a future reality be built from today's thinking? Absolutely. The idea is known as "delayed gratification." It simply means, reap tomorrow what you sow today. This concept is simple but not easy. There are no shortcuts. The difficulty comes when the concept is put into practice. Learn to do today what most won't, so you can live tomorrow how most can't. When the immediacy of the payoff is not evident until some time in the future, discipline is called for and an adherence to a long term vision where the intensity of the return will be more powerful in your life. This concept manifests itself in our financial lives, as well. Putting aside a dedicated piece of your income streams for future growth can activate another concept known as "compound interest." It simply means, reinvesting interest to build interest upon interest. If you invest your thinking today for a more powerful tomorrow, if you chase excellence in all of your endeavors, if you dedicate yourself to a disciplined and upwardly mobile life, if you engage with compound interest, money will chase you. Start A Vast Empire! S.A.V.E Money. 

(3.Where do I begin? Begin with time. Begin with the most important element of your life, walking hand in hand with your health. Begin with a plan to harness as much of that time as you can. Although the decision about when the clock ultimately stops is not of your choosing, every effort should be employed in the decisions you actually have dominion over before the clock does stop. One of the adages that's most important in dealing with saving time is, "a stitch in time saves nine." This concept speaks to addressing your business in short order to avoid compounded pain and suffering in the future. Stop the run on a stitch before it weakens and separates the entire garment.

Procrastination - To put off from day to day; to postpone. -- New Webster's Expanded Dictionary

The S.A.V.E Money concept will lay a firm foundation in taking much of the mundane, time consuming chase for a "living" out of the equation. If we can invest some focused work up front to gain precious seconds, minutes and hours on the back end, time will unveil itself to you to move on to a higher vibration of thought and experience in life.

Start A Vast Empire! : S.A.V.E Time.

(4.How do I gauge my success? The purpose of saving money to save time is to raise our vibration of thought. Wisdom is applied knowledge. So, let us apply ourselves to a higher calling. In this world, if time and money were no issue, how would life be different for you? How would you spend your time/money resources? The "obvious" move to make for such a people would be to strengthen and support a healthy planet and environment on and in which to live. A very simple habit to adopt would be to put ALL of your trash in an approved receptacle. There is no greater visible sign of disrespect to this earth than to see streets, ditches, neighborhoods, yards, playgrounds, parks, highways, parking lots, waterways, ponds, lakes, oceans and seas be inundated with the packaging of our excesses.     

A reckless disregard of this earth and its inhabitants will only hasten the destruction of The S.A.V.E Concept we work so diligently to realize. No planet. No money. No time. 

The gauge of success will be measured in the health and vibrancy of this earth and its inhabitants. The stewardship of the most precious resource must be a focus of ALL peoples. 

Start A Vast Empire! : S.A.V.E Earth. 

 (5.How can I institute a process to establish lifelong growth? The final step in this cycle of The S.A.V.E Concept is sustaining the renewal of life. A collective consciousness to S.A.V.E Money, S.A.V.E Time and S.A.V.E Earth can culminate in a documented and cemented pathway to an enlightened existence.

The work product of the preceding three stages is an elevated way of life. Money is a catalyst to gain time. Time allows us to reach for the higher part of ourselves to save this earth. Saving this earth provides a stable, healthy, and vibrant platform to...Start A Vast Empire! : S.A.V.E Lives.     

Start A Vast Empire : The S.A.V.E Concept

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