Nature's Story : Lessons Learned In Life's Laboratory

Nov 26 , 2018

Nature's Story : Lessons Learned In Life's Laboratory

Nature - The universe; the total of all agencies and forces in the creation; the inherent and essential qualities of anything; individual constitution; sort; natural human instincts; reality as distinct from that which is artificial. -- New Webster's Expanded Dictionary

There are 5 Lessons (Levels) to study in this Nature's Story. Each lesson manifests a unique facet of existence on this earth. Each level is a new world primed for exploration. Each, with its own voice amplifying a wisdom that plays out season after season, without fail, and demands our attention in order for us to grow beyond a mundane understanding. Provided, we as inhabitants and caretakers give nature a fair shot to express its full nature. The following begins a new journey into Nature's Story.

(1.) The Water World. (2.) The Underground. (3.) The Overground. (4.) The High Sky. (5.) The Space Place. 


The Elements. The Palette. The beginnings of an idea. The building blocks needed to develop the architecture of the concept. Collecting the individual petals to eventually organize and assemble the rose.  

(Level 1) The Water World. Representing the deep emotional connection of living in an environment that most couldn't imagine surviving in, let alone flourishing in, and being the gate keeper of the unknown depths of darkness, The Water World provides the basis of nature's primordial mysteries.

Clear, odorless, tasteless and transparent, water is composed of the chemical element elixir of hydrogen and oxygen. Water is a dominant force on this planet and helps to sustain ALL plant and animal life therein. Domestic, agricultural, industrial, recreational and hydro power are the main uses of water. -- Water Resource Authority.

So many uses, water is indispensable as a catalyst to survival on this planet. Water conducts regulation, circulation and transportation throughout the body and this earth. 

There is life in those waters, the likes of which no one has ever gazed upon. Or studied. Or understood. However, if we continue to use our waterways as dumping grounds for plastics and trash, we may never experience the fullness of the water's power.

The lesson of The Water World is, there is information we don't have, there are things we don't know. There are discoveries we will never make. But, there is always room to grow.


(Level 2) The Underground - Below the surface of the ground. Operating in secret. -- New Webster's Expanded Dictionary

From The Water World to the fertile earth above it, the transition is made to the inhabitants and lessons of The Underground. A dark and light place. A damp and dry space. A mix of life forms living face to face. The place where ancestors fell and rest well. The place where resources dwell. The minerals give our fruits and vegetables taste. Most travel and activity in The Underground operates in secret. The movement of information and energy happens out of eye sight and ear shot. The Underground is the place where roots are planted and wishes are granted. Just beneath the footsteps of the earth walkers hums the engine of this planet. 

The lesson of The Underground is, even though the work mainly goes unseen, there should be no doubt that life is vibrant and expressive and the work product will be seen in The Overground world. Teeming with renewal, taking that which is returned to the earth and re-purposing it for a positive contribution to that mission of growth abundance.

(Level 3) The Overground. The land of the earth walkers. The place where everything is out in the open air (literally.) Oxygen produces energy in the cells of its inhabitants. The sun is the energy source. The physical manifestation and work product of The Underground. By studying the inhabitants of The Overground closely, we will find that we have the book of life laid before us. In all of its beauty, raw and uncut, it gives us the best recurring story line to study. Birth, death and the life in between unfolds before our eyes on The Overground.

(Level 4) The High Sky. (The apparent arch of the heavens. The region of clouds.) -- New Webster's Expanded Dictionary

The bird domain. Home of the sky dwellers. Flying truth tellers. Searching for every scrap of food to stay fit for flight. Working hard at that in the day to rest well at night. The supreme vantage point for a fight. Using clouds to filter yet feel the sunlight. Open flight patterns, outside of the cage. Charting new courses of unrestrained creativity. Look to The High Sky to see flying dinosaurs fill the page. 

(Level 5) The Space Place. The place where dark matter gaps exist between celestial bodies. The place where stars reside and collide. The powerful pull of this little known never land continues to inspire man to explore the possible beginnings of existence. The lesson of The Space Place is, mysteries still abound in the boundless universes. And, so many lessons are left to be learned.

The Sum Of It's Parts. Nature.

Nature is Natural. Lesson Learned.

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