Hands. Head. Heart. / Labor. Craft. Art.

Sep 17 , 2018

To me, A.R.T means... Abandon Rational Thinking / Advancement Requires Thought / Above Ritual Translation / Authenticity Radiates Truth. So many interpretations of this concept from so many unique individuals of how we get to this meaning of A.R.T. The definition is supremely personal. Life experiences, motivations, aspirations, influences, resources, education, etc. contribute to a person's path to their viewpoint. But, as the saying goes, "there's levels to this." I prefer to put my efforts into a graduated system of achieving the goal of A.R.T.

A three step process that brings one from a character building, physical work ethic, to a skilled wielder of craft, then ultimately on to the life changing level of A.R.T. Walk with me, if you will, through the ascending steps of artistic enlightenment. 

Hands. Head. Heart. / Labor. Craft. Art. 


To the pen from the heart. We begin a journey to the A.R.T 

Labor - To work. To proceed with difficulty; to be burdened. Physical or mental exertion. To cultivate. -- New Webster's Expanded Dictionary

The first level of A.R.T is the use of hands engaged in labor. No matter how lofty the goal, how detailed the blueprints or how difficult the task is, physical labor must be employed. The actual making of reality from a mental picture sometimes requires many hands working in unison to accomplish the goal.

Many times, though, it is only one pair of hands that's used to create something from nothing. The dignity and worth of work should be honored as a right of passage. The developing of a work ethic is essential for establishing the building blocks needed to push beyond the tough times sure to come your way. The resilience required for survival in life as well as realizing project goals depends on one's ability to focus and stay on task and appreciate the toil.

(Level 1) one who works with hands is a Laborer

Craft - Ability; skill. Manual art. -- New Webster's Expanded Dictionary

Mind - The intellectual power in man. -- New Webster's Expanded Dictionary

Technology - The science of the industrial arts. -- New Webster's Expanded Dictionary

The second level of A.R.T is adding the mind into the equation. The mind of man elevates and informs the work being done. For example, measurements, calculations, skilled assessments can be applied to the work ethic created on (Level 1). Craft is essentially skilled, creative labor demonstrated across disciplines. 

Technology, tools and equipment also applies at this level. Employing new technologies, tools and equipment turns hard work into smart work. Amplifying efficiencies in the creative process allows small groups of individuals to achieve monumental manifestations. Industry and automation (The Machines) organizes the work to be done and assists in getting the most out your labor.

(Level 2) one who works with hands and head is Crafty

Heart -  The primary organ of the blood's motion; the inner, vital or most essential part; seat of the affections and will. Disposition of mind; conscience; courage; spirit. -- New Webster's Expanded Dictionary

The third level of A.R.T is simply, the heart. The heart is the final ingredient needed to complete this divine alchemy. The heart is the most vital organ of any body. It has the ability to take the ordinary to extraordinary. The heart beat sets the rhythm of the work to be done by the hands and head. It permeates the entire process. The driving force of the heart beat also keeps us connected to the divine timing of this human endeavor, as well as the urgency of NOW. 

The courage to embark on any journey into the unknown calls for courage. The heart is the symbol of such bravery. The pure will to see to completion an idea that will absolutely face opposition, setbacks and hurdles demonstrates the unstoppable giant that lives inside of you. A fearlessness is present and evident when one is not afraid to labor, is able to engage the mind to organize skills and technology, as well as putting the most precious investment on the line from the start. The heart.  

(Level 3) one who works with hands, head & heart is an Artist 

Hands. Head. Heart. / Labor. Craft. Art.

A.R.T - Arrange. Rearrange. Transform. 




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  • 17 Sep 2018 The Mrs!

    Powerful and beautiful message about A.R.T. Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents.
    The 3 levels of A.R.T. are empowering and inspiring to all. Keep the goodness coming😘

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